Sindoh MPS v4.6

The Sindoh MPS v4.6 is a key solution product for corporate documentation.

You can further accelerate your organization's smart office environment and secure your critical corporate information assets with document security. In addition, it can be freely configured step by step depending on the work environment as well as organically linked and integrated with systems within the enterprise. Sindoh solutions along with their output equipment offer a variety of contractual approaches that allow you to perform tasks efficiently and conveniently and at reasonable cost.

Alliance Partner

We develop more complete solutions by combining Sindoh's core technology development capabilities with those of Alliance Partners. Sharing various types of development information such as software development, system engineers, and co-marketing of products enables providing stable solutions to customers; Sindoh guarantees the functions and reliability of the solutions provided through the collaboration between Sindoh and Alliance Partners.

iComFax Server: Development of fax server system and multifunction fax
SecuPrint: Development and integration of linkage of output security
products and document security solutions
Office keeper product Sindohyang SecuFence launched, multifunction device
security management function included
andCards Suite: Co-working space solution development and market
Interworking development of network connection security output (enhanced
security of output file transmission method)