Company Overview

Sindoh Co., Ltd. is a total business solutions company that builds futuristic smart offices based on digital transformation.

The core businesses are printers, multifunctional machines and office solutions, With expertise, superior product quality, and service network It is leading the domestic and international markets.

Domestic Sales
  • Sales departmentDirect sales in Seoul metropolitan area
  • Solution Dept.Solution Consulting & Development
  • Sindoh Joong Ang SalesinDirect sales in Seoul metropolitan area, 250 Partners
  • Sindoh DS Salesindirect sales outside the Seoul metropolitan area, 300 Partners
Overseas Sales
  • ProductMFP, Printer, Supplies
  • Sales Corp.China, Vietnam
  • Sales HubChina, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, the United States
Service Network
  • Customer Support Center12 Service Center, 550 Service Partner
Qingdao Plant
  • LocationQingdao, China
  • MOTTOKey Manufacturing Facility with Global Competitiveness
  • Main ProductMFP & related peripherals
Hanoi Plant
  • LocationVinh Phuc, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • MOTTOStrategic Manufacturing Facility aiming for Global Leading Company
  • Main ProductMFP, Pinter, Supplies & Components
Affiliated Status