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" Only education promises a bright future. "

The Gaheon Sindoh Foundation was established by integrating the Sindoh Scholarship Association and the Gaheon Science and Technology Foundation, established by the late Chairman Gaheon Woo, Sang-ki. Guided by the belief that only education promises a bright future, the Sindoh Scholarship Association was established in 1973 to open the way for education to students in difficult circumstances; In 1984, the Gaheon Science and Technology Foundation was established with the goal of national development by nurturing scientific talent. The Gaheon Sindoh Foundation has provided scholarships to about 5,000 students so far. It is implementing many projects in various fields, such as selecting and sponsoring researchers who contribute to improving the youth educational environment and developing science and technology and rising artists who will lead Korea's modern art, including various support projects to improve social welfare.