Corporate Identity
Sindoh CI is represented by the symbol mark of the triangular Mobius pattern, which embodies expertise (Expert), design-oriented (Design Led), and thoughtfulness (Thoughtful). Each identity is expressed in a progressive and differentiated way through the three-dimensional colors of cool blue, sky blue, and green.

The font for the new CI was implemented using a global-friendly design in a strong and sophisticated deep blue color and shows the company’s human- centered corporate spirit and determination to advance into the global market.
Brand Identity
Expert Expert, Passionate, Inventive

Thoughtful Considered, Transparent, Dependable

Design-led Pride, Design aware, Generous
Graphic Motif
The sense of depth and three-dimensional effect has been increased by strengthening the color variation of the triangular Mobius. Additionally, by tilting it 2 degrees to the left, a sense of stability and harmony in space is manifested to project a positive image of Sindoh.
Color Palette
  • Sindoh
  • C100 M94 Y49 K5
  • R23 G49 B93
  • Sindoh
    Light Blue
  • C52 M0 Y1 K0
  • R140 G195 B231
  • Sindoh
  • C100 M35 Y3 K21
  • R0 G95 B153
  • Sindoh
  • C60 M0 Y98 K7
  • R125 G162 B69