[ FFF 3D Printer ] 2X
Together, We Build Better
[ FFF 3D Printer ] 2X


2X’s two nozzles work interdependently,
achieving the highest efficiency possible.
The nozzles accompany each other, creating multicolor,
multi-material models.


Combinations of technologies give birth to brilliant innovations.
Starting from the DP200’s heating bed to DP201’s Flexible Bed,we have now redefined the standards of the print bed, bringing both advantages together.


3D printing is a reality and is getting closer to becoming a practical tool in everyday life.
To satisfy this demand, our goal is to offer as many material options for our customers.
Now with 3DWOX 2X, you can print PLA, ABS, Flexible and PVA filaments and a whole lot more is coming your way.


2X is ready to help you throughout your printing.
Should there be any errors occurring, 2X will guide users through trouble-shooting methods. Just listen to what 2X has to say. You will know what to do.


2X is powerful and robust yet, the most silent 3D printer you’ve ever heard of.
With its library noise level of 40 dB(A), you can now enjoy all kind of things, such as getting other works done, eating an ice cream or simply going to sleep without being disturbed.
Let 2X bring peace in mind with silence.

  1. Method

    FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

  2. Build Size (W × D × H)

    Nozzle 1: 228 x 200 x 300 mm
    Nozzle 2: 225 x 200 x 300 mm

  3. Layer Thickness

    0.05 ~ 0.4 mm

  4. Printer Jets

    Dual Nozzle (independent)

  5. Nozzle Diameter

    0.4 mm

  1. Diameter

    1.75 mm

  2. Material

    PLA (9 colors), ABS (7 colors), Flexible (6 colors), PVA (water-soluble)

  3. Supply

    Automatic Supply

Printer Bed
  1. Material

    Flexible heating bed

  2. Bed Leveling

    Semi-Auto (Supports Active Leveling)

  1. Slicing Software

    Exclusive 3DWOX Slicing Software

  2. Input File Formats

    stl, ply, obj, G-Code (RepRap), amf

  3. Interfaces

    USB 3.0/2.0, Ethernet (1G), Wi-Fi

  4. GUI

    5-inch full-color touchscreen

  5. Internal LED Lighting


  6. Web Monitoring

    PC, Smartphone, Tablet

  7. Filter

    HEPA Filter (2 pieces)

  8. Noise Level

    40 dB(A)

  9. Size (W × D × H)

    490 x 466 x 573 mm

  10. Weight

    31 kg

  11. Included Accessories

    Cables (Power, USB), Scraper, USB Memory, Cleaning Tools (Tubes, Nozzles, Springs), Cartridge Cases (2), PLA Filament (2) (White, Blue)