[ FFF 3D Printer ] type A530s
Your Prototyping Workstation
[ FFF 3D Printer ] type A530s


Professional Tolerance : Create prototypes within precise tolerance range (±0.2mm / ±0.2% ).
Dual Print Technology : Build complex parts with precision and consistency, based on your CAD models.
Easily build repeatable and reliable working models : Remove and assemble parts without post processing, while ensuring the quality level of the surface.


Build Large Prototypes : type A530 is the only desktop 3D printer with a 310mm build size in all three dimensions.
Professional Reliability : Achieve high-quality, consistent and repeatable 3D prints practically non- stop.
Make it Just-in-Time : Print with unmatched dependability and repeatability for just-in-time manufacturing.


Unique user-oriented TCO solution :
Enhance your business performance, improve lead times, and expand your capabilities, with minimal investment.


Simple to Learn : Learn to operate in only 1 day of training.
Simple UX and 7-inch Touch Screen : Generate industrial level prints within 3 clicks.

3D Print
  1. Technology

    FFF(Fused Filament Fabrication)

  2. Build Size

    310 x 310 x 310 mm
    (12.2 x 12.2 x 12.2 in)

  3. Accuracy

    ±0.2mm / ±0.2%

  4. Nozzle

    2 Nozzle - Direct type
    (N1 - ABS/ASA, N2 - PLA, N3 - Support, N4 - Resist Nozzle)

  5. Nozzle Diameter

    0.4 mm

  6. Material

    ABS, ASA, Support, PLA
    *More materials will be updated soon

  7. Material System

    Storage Box + Filament Spool Set
    *Compatible with open materials

  8. Chamber Temperature Control

    5 °C

  9. Leveling

    Auto Leveling

  10. GUI

    7” Color Touch Screen