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Alliance Partner : LG CNS

Certified e-Document Authority is the 3rd official agency that support safe storage and distribution of electronic documents.

Scanning job that has a trusty is configured with security module and compressed module with international standard so have to follow the Korea Institute For Electronic Commerce’s rule of make electronic document and method.

Originals becomes electronic document through trust scan system and can be use the own EDMS system but have to store to Certified e-Document Authority for vigor.

Efficiency type trust scan center is equipped with trust scan exchange center to company or outsourcing corporation.

It can handling fast a lot of document and create high quality data but there is problem of expensive cost and have to move with paper.

Dispersion trust scanning process by using smart MFP

1. Process using Electronic Document
- Dispersed electronic process for efficient electronic document from the point that occur paper document
2. Trust Scanning System
- MFP that follow “rule of make electronic document and method”
3. Use Electronic Document System
- Manage image system for support to use operation of electronic document
4. Real-time Monitoring
- Certified e-Document Authority’s move electronic document using obtain info package creation module

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