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EXHIBITION Sylbee Kim Solo Exhibition, Garden of Regrets
ARTISTS Sylbee Kim
PERIOD 2018-03-05~2018-04-27

Sindoh Art Space presents Sylbee Kim: Garden of Regrets, the first exhibition of the seventh Sindoh Artist Support Program. Employing different media such as video, installation and performance, Kim touches major issues related to the contemporary development of politics, culture and technology. Suggesting virtual linkages between her homeland South Korea, Germany where the artist resides since 2005 and other parts of the globe, Kim’s work highlights autonomous producers, consumers and distributors of images, so to provide a multiplicity of imaginative perspectives on contemporaneity. The artist questions through which mode politics and technology could overcome the consequences of capitalism and leads us to the contemplation of our realm of desires. Kim’s work is prominent in suggesting new visions and narratives of social criticism through restructuring known sociopolitical phenomena around the culture industry and entertainment of our time. 

In Garden of Regrets, Kim perceives death as the only certain future in the current era of accelerated shifts and technological development. We try to detour or postpone what is defined to be risky to life, while desiring banned things and regretting not to have undertaken certain acts. For example, according to the story of the serpent in the Bible, the human kind was born from the failure of keeping the rule and was destined to regret, tempted by the forbidden fruit and expulsed from the failed garden.

The elements in Garden of Regrets indicate the present constantly turning into past as well as our potential regrets in the future. The exhibited elements lost their colors and are separated from their original places, while our mirrored reflections are oriented toward every direction. We could gaze them as if walking around a pagoda, to regard the possible regrets about the past, the present and the future. Thus the exhibition reveals the fundamental questions on life and death, exerting the artist’s belief that "art should perturb the generality that eats up the specificity, rather than ceasing at scrutinizing the specificity itself." 

Sylbee Kim (b. 1981, Seoul) acquired B.A. at the Korea National University of Art, Seoul and Meisterschüler degree at the University of Arts Berlin. Kim is currently based in Berlin. 

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