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Park Minjoon Solo Exhibition <Rapport Circus> | 2019-05-08~2019-07-11

Sindoh art space is proud to present Rapport Circus, a solo exhibition by Park Minjoon. The exhibition is based on a story written by the artist himself about two brothers, Rapo and Rapu, who are circus clowns. Rapo, the elder brother, never ceases to attract the attention of the spectators, while his younger sibling always follows him around like his shadow. The artist depicts the characters inhabiting a fantastic world of his own creation in a very vivid and detailed fashion. The exhibition consists of fourteen paintings and two sculptures that introduce viewers to the sorrows and frustrations of the two circus clowns.

51 Park Minjoon Solo Exhibition <Rapport Circus> Park Minjoon 2019-05-08~2019-07-11
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