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Kijong Zin Solo Exhibition <21c Taxidermist> | 2019-08-22~2019-10-15

Sindoh Art Space is delighted to present <21c Taxidermist>, a solo exhibition of the works of Kijong Zin. As the artist selected for the 8th SINAP (Sindoh Artist Support Program), Zin looks at a range of contemporary social and political issues and poses questions from a neutral point of view, and reconstructs them through a variety of media. This exhibition will be a great occasion for the public to appreciate Zin’s major artworks from the past to the present.

52 Kijong Zin Solo Exhibition <21c Taxidermist> Kijong Zin 2019-08-22~2019-10-15
51 Park Minjoon Solo Exhibition <Rapport Circus> Park Minjoon 2019-05-08~2019-07-11
50 Lee Myeong-ho Solo Exhibition Lee Myeong-ho 2019-02-19~2019-04-26
49 Solo Exhibition of Yang Jeong-wook, <Looking at Today through Yesterday’s Glasses> Yang Jeong-wook 2018-12-10~2019-02-08
48 Hyein LEE Solo Exhibition <Sync> Hyein LEE 2018-10-10~2018-12-04
47 Kim Guiline Solo Exhibition Kim Guiline 2018-07-17~2018-09-20
46 Wim Delvoye Solo Exhibition Wim Delvoye 2018-05-09~2018-07-13
45 Sylbee Kim Solo Exhibition, Garden of Regrets Sylbee Kim 2018-03-05~2018-04-27
44 The Fabrikr Exhibition Fabrikr 2018-02-05~2018-02-26
43 Min Oh Solo Exhibition <MOVING RUNNING TURNING SHIFTING> Min Oh 2017-09-18~2017-11-10
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