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Sindoh is Korea’s first ever OA professional company established in 1960. Since the introduction of office products through producing first ever, Sindoh managed to build and produce the Korea’s first copier, fax and digital MFP. In 2000s, we have expanded its scope of office solution, 3D printer, and office solutions.

We established research & development center in 1982, and completed construction of Asan factory to prepare the growth of company. In 2003, we also completed construction of production plant of Qingdao Factory, China and has successfully established branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Qingdao from 2010. Additionally, we launched “Sindoh America” in US to expand global market. In 2015, completed construction of production plant in Hanoi, Vietnam and established sales branch in 2016 and look forward to expand ASEAN market as well.

Sindoh China

Sindoh China

Qingdao constitutes Sindoh's global production hub. Sindoh China 1 began operation in 2003, and Sindoh China 2 in 2006. Together they now constitute a world-class factory with 2,000 employees. The Qingdao subsidiary, posting annuals sales of US$300 million, has become one of Qingdao City's most exemplary instances of foreign investment.

The Qingdao subsidiary’s annual Production volume is huge: in total, it produce 1.5 million MFP/Laser printer/Finisher, 3 million image cartridges, 4.5 million printed circuit boards, It adds to its production capacity every year. Established in 2007, its Research and Development division is striving to strengthen its own technological capacity.

The Qingdao subsidiary is an eco-friendly building complex, 70% of which constitutes a beautiful landscaped park of fruit trees and fountains for the enjoyment of the workforce and community.

The Qingdao subsidiary observes global environmental and health and safety standards for all its technological and production systems.

Sindoh China Marketing

Sindoh China Marketing

The establishment of Sindoh China Marketing in May of 2005 is marked as Sindoh's first appearance in the global market. Since then, Sindoh China Marketing has grown rapidly by implementing the systematically organized sales and technical training programs of Sindoh's.

There are 50 sales representatives and service technicians in each of Sindoh China Marketing's sales organizations located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Qingdao. Once the sales and service systems are successfully implemented in China, Sindoh will expand into new markets as South America or Europe.

Sindoh VINA

Sindoh VINA

Sindoh established the third production site in Khai-Kwang, Hanoi, Vietnam to improve on its Global competitiveness. Vietnam has great potentials for growth such as its geological location between China and Asean countries, stable politics, favorable investment environment, and plenty of quality labor force. Not only Khai-Kwang has well-established infrastructure but also has competitive advantages being located close to the airport.

Sindoh’s Hanoi factory, which was established in March 2015, has 300 workers in a 50,000 m2 area, and is quickly improving in terms of stability and efficiency. Currently it can manufacture laser printers, digital MFPs, finishers with an annual production capacity of 300K units, which will only grow with the additional opening of the 2nd factory in Hanoi.

Designed as an eco-friendly factory by well-known architect Mr. Hyun-sik Min, Hanoi factory has not forgotten about the emphasis on functionality and aesthetic impression. Furthermore, it has also adapted to maintain a good balance with its surroundings, and provide refresh areas for the welfare of its employees. It has drawn great attention through the media, especially VTV(Vietnam Television), through its beautiful architectures and active production environment.

Sindoh Japan

Sindoh Japan

Opened in 1985, Sindoh Japan is located in Ginza, the business center of Tokyo. Resident staff and local employees procure key components necessary for our products, and liaise with our partners in Japan. The Sindoh Japan now has alliances with around 300 Japanese businesses and serves as a trading agent for Japanese exporters. It is a key branch of Sindoh, keeping us abreast of Japanese technology and boosting our international competitive-ness.

Sindoh HongKong

Located in Shenzhen, southern China, Sindoh HongKong develops and procures components for the equipment manufactured by our Asan and Qingdao Plants. It functions as a global sourcing base and strives to secure cost competitiveness. Resident staff and local employees at the Sindoh HongKong develop vital components for printers and multifunctional machines for export. With over 100 local clients, they also negotiate export trade and the best possible sourcing and procurement deals for Sindoh.

Sindoh America

Sindoh America, established in October of 2012, is the base for Sindoh products entering the North America market. Sindoh America, located in Charlotte, NC, is in charge of setting the business relationship with local buyers, entering office machinery exhibition for promotion, and provide training to the local dealers of sales and service.

As of today in February of 2013, Sindoh America is partnered with 3 major distributors and 120 dealers in the U.S. for a successful market penetration. Sindoh HQ supports the U.S. Sales by educating and training the dealers about Sindoh products and service management on a regular basis.

Sindoh VINA Marketing

Established in December 2015, Sindoh VINA Marketing Co., Ltd. provides superior products and advanced solutions services to Vietnam and ASEAN market. Sindoh VINA Marketing Co., Ltd. Is a sales corporation that launched based on the approved technology in overseas market and market share number 1 in domestic market. Located in the best location between Hanoi’s old city center and new downtown area, it is the first sales corporation with a market of 1 billion potential buyers. Sindoh VINA Marketing Co., Ltd. also possesses an exhibition center to present their products and brand to ASEAN customers as well.