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Alliance Partner : Incomsoft

- Spend a lot of time and cost to send or receive fax
- Information spill due to the Fax : difficult to manage sender and receiver
- Low operating time due to a lot of Fax sends

- Make Web Fax Server (analog, digital line)
- Interworking solution with MFP and Fax server
- Operating Fax box by individual /department

1. Data Back Up
- Back-Up from admin page (Data is MDB / TIFF document is compressed file, store in specific folder)
- Search and check back-up data
2. Search and Check Send / Receive Data
- Can be searched DATA through the conditions because all the send/receive data stored at DB
- Print all the included DATA in screen by OR search
3. Management
- Manage user, fax box, fax number
4. Statistic Report
- Provides statistic report by inputted various conditions for admin, can be converted statistic report to Excel
- Available to select statistic separation, document type, specific users and range (by monthly, date, time)
5. Real-time Monitoring
- Provides TOOL for FAX system Monitoring from REMOTE PC
- Manage status of FAX system and real-time check the send QUEUE using Monitoring
1. Receive notify
- Notify to E-Mail or Messenger when received fax
- Move to receive box automatically when you click the message
2. Check received fax
- Check a list when receive the CID‘s fax document that registered in public fax number book
- Check received data by fax viewer that installed automatically as a Active-X status
3. Manage received fax
- Store the type of received fax data or client name with image
- Move the received fax data to the other folder or user
4. Search
- Store when receive (CID, received Page, time etc.).Search received data as inputted keyword
5. Printing
- Printing from selected printer in WEB
- Printing from Network printer automatically

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