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PSM (Printer Select Module) is the solution for the sales job or specific industrie that has a lot of seat changes.
Print out from nearest machine automatically when printing from wired and wireless computer/loptap.

Flexible work/office Environment - Printing system supporting flexible work Environment
- Freely printing anywhere in building
- Printing after found the closets printer during the conference
telecommutting, temporary organization
A lot of place movement business/organization
Printing presentation data
Printing various place like school
- Output machine module is installed in user PC
- Management Console P/G is installed in separate PS or server.
- Output machine information, setting in management console and P/G can be corrected.
- Available to print conference document anywhere (salesmen)
- No printer drivers needed
- Print from the nearest printer during the conference so solves problems of inconvenience
- Not effective to the other programs, only inside the office

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